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Tomchei Yotzei Anglia



TYA currently supports over 1200 UK families now living in Israel. These families come from all over the UK, including London, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds etc...

Our goal is to provide for these families when times get tough and finances are tight. Our particular focus is during the months of Pesach and Succos, when expenses can escalate tremendously, imposing much financial strain on these families.

With your help, TYA is able to distribute funds most discreetly by means of a cheque before Yom Tov, allowing them to put food on their table's and bring true Simchas Yom Tov into their homes. Over 1200 families rely on Tomchei Yotzei Anglia.


It can be your neighbour.

It can be your friends.

It can be your family.


We rely on you! Help them set their Yom Tov table with dignity.